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Jimmy the Cab Driver Returns for New Mark Lanegan Band Video for "Stitch It Up"

Jimmy the Cab Driver returns for Mark Lanegan's new video

April 23, 2019 | by Jocelyn Hoppa

It's been 15 years since Mark Lanegan has appeared in one of his own music videos, but today that reclusive streak ends. And what an ending it is, as his longtime friend Donal Logue slips back into his 90s MTV bit as Jimmy the Cab Driver, updated for 2018, as he drives an Uber or whatever in the video "Stitch It Up."

The idea was pitched by Joe Cardamone, who directed the video, and apparently Logue and Lanegan were both into it from the start. Lanegan has remarked that his head hurt from laughing so hard the day of the shoot just watching Logue switch so easily into this old but unforgotten greasy, chatty character.

The Mark Lanegan band is set to release a new LP Somebody's Knocking in October. "Stitch It Up" is the lead single:

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